SECURITY FIRE has wide experience, both theoretical and practical, in the fire protection and prevention field and uses its knowledge to present its clients smart solutions at thelowest cost-benefit through previous risk analysis to adapt the Prevention Against Fire Plan (PPCI) to applicable laws and norms.

Our specialists act from identifying the best combat and prevention system, designing the project andproviding assessorship till thePrevention Against Fire Plan (PPCI) to approval along with responsible agencies, offering a unique specialized services in the market, being able to monitor and supervise construction execution until the regulatory certificate, also known as Fire Department Inspection Certificate (AVCB), is obtained, besides providing consultancy to the regulatory certificate (Fire Department Inspection Certificate – AVCB) annual renewal.

Prevention and fire fighting go further then designing the project itself. To achieve perfection at preventing system it’s required a previous risk analysis and to adapt the systems to the present norms, which specialists on the subject must do.

SECURITY FIRE’s differential, besides its quality and excellence in developing projects and its construction execution, consists on its consultancy service, offered even before the fire prevention project is elaborated, contemplating the following activities:

– In loco survey of the company;
– Construction risk analysis;
– Preventing system update;
– Project approval by the fire department in your area or competent municipal agency, if applicable;
– Construction supervision;
– Previous construction verification with the approved project to obtain the regulatory certificate (Fire Department Inspection Certificate – AVCB);
– Assessorship to the annual renewal of the regulatory certificate (Fire Department Inspection Certificate – AVCB), among others.