SECURITY FIRE – Integrated Solutions against Fire is a company specialized in FIRE SAFETY facilities, providing our clients convenience and tranquillity as we execute all phases of the process from consultancy, project development and implementation of the hydrant network, sprinklers, hose reels, fixed CO²/FM200 systems, emergency lighting system, extinguishing agent, conventional and addressable fire alarm system, ADPS (atmospheric discharge protection system), escape routes, emergency signalling and prevention in fire fighting, till the reports required to the viability of the documents through the fire station, aiming on quality and punctual implementation of projects from our partners/clients.

As we are convicted that prevention and safety are extremely essential and of fundamental importance for companies and their patrimonies, we are sure that YOUR ORGANIZATION will choose the best one, and the best is what smart solutions allied to an excellent cost- benefit can offer you.

Quality Management System Policy

Security Fire providing services of construction and maintenance of fire-fighting systems, seeks the satisfaction of customers through:

  • Quality in offered services;
  • Continuous improvement in the performance of engineering services;
  • Satisfaction and qualification of the team;
  • Attendance to additional requirements.